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2021 Laura Salisbury’s talk “On Not Being Able to Read: Doomscrolling and Anxiety in Pandemic Times”

2020 The Last Breath Society: A Seminar.

2020 Lisa Baraitser speaks about suspended time at The Alternative School of Economics: True Currency: About Feminist Economics, with artists Ruth Beale and Amy Feneck.


Lisa Baraitser and Laura Salisbury speak about waiting for The Emotions of Isolation project from History of Emotions.


Listen to Lisa Baraitser talking about Enduring Time in conversation with Stewart Motha, Professor of Law at Birkbeck, on the Countersign podcast.  From 5 August, 2020.





As part of the Alt_Cph_2020 conference, Patterns in Resistance, Lisa Baraitser spoke about violence and care with Miriam Wistreich (and with a brief, unscheduled appearance from Michael J Flexer too …). You can listen to the talk at the conference website here.




Words in Pain: Letters on Life and Death (2019) by Olga Jacoby was edited by our Senior Research Fellow Dr Jocelyn Catty alongside co-editor Trevor Moore. Words in Painwas endorsed by our PI Professor Laura Salisbury as “profoundly contemporary in its frank description of states of despair and rigorous refusal of the consolations of religion.”  Read a review by our PhD student Kelechi Anucha for Medical Humanities.

Readings from the book were performed at the Dulwich Arts Festival on 11 May 2019 by actor Beth Eyre, and can be heard here.


BBC 3 Free Thinking – Extinction Rebellion and the End of the World – Rana Mitter looks at the ideologies surrounding climate disaster with guests including Rupert Read of Extinction Rebellion, investigative journalist Nafeez Ahmed, professor of psychosocial theory Lisa Baraitser, and lawyer Tessa Khan. Producer: Luke Mulhall  – 17 December 2019




Radio 4 In Our Time – Samuel Beckett – Laura Salisbury talking about Beckett, Godot and waiting on 17 January 2019




Radio 3 Free Thinking – Boredom – Lisa Baraitser talking about waiting and boredom on 10 January 2019




Watch Lisa Baraitser talking about Time and Care at the Institute for Cultural Inquiry (ICI), Berlin on 5 July 2018.

The full video is on the ICI website here.






Enduring and Broken TimesLisa Baraitser and Judith Butler in conversation on 3 July 2018



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