Lisa Baraitser Invited Papers and Keynotes

Invited International Papers and Keynotes

Paper about misogyny and Shipman at the Intolerance to the Feminine, IPA-COWAP Europe Conference, Rome 22-23 October

Invited Facilitator, with Koki Tanaka, Where is the Planetary? HKV, Berlin, 14-17thOctober, 2022.

Invited talk about care, repair and maintenance in relation to planetary damage in Where is the Planetary? A series of events about the planet. Berlin, October 14-17th. Video recordings: WHERE IS THE PLANETARY? DAY 1; WHERE IS THE PLANETARY? DAY 2


Inaugural lecture with Lisa Baraitser of the “Researching the Unconscious: The Essex Summer School in Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Research Methods 2021”: Collaboration as Psychosocial Method: Notes from the Waiting Times Project.

Keynote ‘Enduring Time in Pandemic Times: Care, Violence and the Possibility of Containment’ for the PhD conference The Unconscious and Everyday Life: Repair and Reparation: Clinical, Social, and Cultural Contexts, University of Essex

A conversation about time and care with LisaBaraitser, Julien Thomas and Abhishek Thapar at the Veem House for Performance in Amsterdam.

Lisa Baraitser gives Stevens-Barchas Lecture “Enduring Time” as part of The Richardson Seminar on the History of Psychiatry. DeWitt Wallace Institute for Psychiatry. Cornell University. New York, USA. 
The recording of the lecture is available here.

Invited Talk Enduring Time: Waiting, Care and Crisis. 2019-20 Altman Programme in the Humanities (Time and Temporality), Miami University, Ohio, USA.

Keynote Alt-Cph-2020, Copenhagen. Patterns in Resistance.

Lisa Baraitser speaks on Hope, Endurance, Time at Rupert, Lithuania

Lisa Baraitser speaks on Falling, Care and Dependency at Hotel Maria Kapel, The Netherlands:


Invited Talk: The maternal death drive, Greta Thunberg, and the question of a future. The New School, New York. ‘Beyond the Pleasure Principle’ workshop organised with Judith Butler. October 23-24th, 2019

Keynote: Generational and Temporal Imaginaries of the Asset Economy, University of Sydney, Australia. August 26th-29th 2019

Three Keynotes over three days: ‘Who do we care for?’ ‘What are we working for?’ ‘How do we know when to stop?’ Life Forms, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin. April 25th-27th 2019

Keynote: Conversations on Care and/in the Community, Birkbeck, 6th June 2019

Keynote: Concerning Maternity Part III: Ethics, Care and Subjectivity, University of Humanistic Studies, Utrecht. May 2019.


Keynote: On Time, Care and Not Moving On, for Why Care, Institute of Cultural Inquiry, Berlin, 5-6 July 2018

Keynote: Enduring and Broken Time: Lisa Baraitser and Judith Butler, Birkbeck Institute of Social Research, 14th June, 2018


Keynote: An Intimate Symposium on Maintenance, Whitechapel Art Gallery, 18th March

2017 Keynote: Mothernists II: Who Cares for the Future? Copenhagen, 13th-15th October


Invited UK

Invited Discussant: From the Bariatric Clinic. Maudsley Lectures in Psychoanalysis, Dialogues between Body and Mind, Institute of Psychoanalysis, London December 2022

Keynote: On Being with Others Now. British Psychoanalytic Council conference, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy NOW, London, October 2022.

Invited talk with Lisa Baraitser and Stephanie Davies on ‘Enduring Care in General Practice’ in Camden & Islington Personality Disorder Service.

Invited Talk: Waiting Times. Camden and Islington Personality Disorder Unit. C&I NHS Foundation Trust. September, 2022.

Invited Talk: Parapraxis Conversations: On The Maternal. With Joy James and Sarah Knott. 9-10th July 2022.

Invited Talk: Care, Hate, Gender: Revisiting the case of Harold Shipman. The Roots of Misogyny, A Psychoanalytic Conference, with Suzie Orbach. Political Mind Series, Institute of Psychoanalysis, London, January 2022.


Waiting Times for the Association of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in the NHS, March 2020

Enduring Time: Jackie Sumell’s The Solitary Garden. Department of Sociology, University of Essex.


Tavistock & Portman NHS Trust Scientific Meeting, Waiting Times, 11th November 2019

Discussant: Politics of Waiting: Workfare, Post-Soviet Austerity, and the Ethics of Freedom by Liene Ozolina, 31st October 2019. Department of Sociology, London School of Economics.

Rethinking Women’s Time: Some thoughts on gender, care and waiting. Centre for Feminist Research, Department of Media, Communications and Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths, University of London, 10th June.

Incarceration: Space, Power and Personhood (with Lisa Guenther), Birkbeck and Queen Mary, University of London, 17th June.

Oxytocin: Mothering the World. Kings College London, 9th March.

Tongue-tie, Lisa Baraitser and Helen Benigson, Stuart Hall Library Research Network: Duties of Self Care, 6th March.


Enduring Time for Common Study/Deptford X, 27th September 2018.

Enduring Time, University of Sussex Humanities Lab, 1st March 2018.

Enduring Time, University of Cambridge Centre for Gender Studies, Multi-disciplinary Gender Research Seminars, 12th February 2018.

LSE Gender Interdisciplinary Conversations: Rethinking Sexual Freedom, London School of Economics, Gender Studies, 17th January 2018.


Tavistock & Portman NHS Trust Scientific Meeting, Waiting Times, 9th October

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