WHERE IS THE PLANETARY? Video recordings are now available.

In October 14-17th, 2022 Lisa Baraitser participated in the series of events about the planet organised in Berlin by collective of scientists, scholars and artists.

The recordings of talks and events are now available:


The first evening of Where is the Planetary? set up the search for a model of sustainable collaboration under planetary conditions: What diverse worldviews underlie the way we deal with the planet’s crises? How can a common political and social agency emerge from this? In an experimental setting designed by artist Koki Tanaka, scientists, scholars and artists shared various perspectives on planetary practice: from zooming out to the cosmic, grounding back to our geological Earth and personal biographies, to exploring the ethics of repair and care and the vision of a second primordial soup for planetary survival.


On the second day of Where is the Planetary?, the search for a common planetary practice became tangible. The five research questions were linked to a series of activities. The idea of a “primordial broth” served as inspiration for a jointly designed recipe for the conditions of planetary habitability. By accumulating and recomposing ideas and material from cultural production and the built environment, participants posed questions about what needs our care, what should be preserved, and what should be left behind. Equitable, scalable processes of negotiation and deliberation were discussed into literal exhaustion. Collaboratively, participants wrote a sort of planetary script. All of this happens embedded in a film shoot led by Koki Tanaka. The running camera co-determined the course of the day.

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