Krapp’s Last Tape: Longitudinal project with students

Krapp’s Last Tape performances at Exeter University

Birks Grange 19 March 2019
Lopes Hall 20 March 2019

Hard to believe I was ever that young whelp. The voice! Jesus! And the aspirations!  And the resolutions!

In March 2019, we staged two performances of Philip Robinson’s remarkable living room production of Samuel Beckett’s Krapp’s Last Tape, directed by Polly Whitfield.  The performances took place in public spaces in student accommodation for small audiences of seven first-year BA students.

Our objective – aside from introducing students to this remarkable, funny, harrowing play about time and identity – was to begin a consultation with students about a potential longitudinal study, inspired by Krapp’s tape-recorded memoir.

We had very rich discussions with our students about how this project could develop.  Although currently on hold because of Covid-19, we hope to launch an online platform where students can record a yearly update on their life, and listen to previous years’ entries, and continue to do this throughout their time at Exeter and beyond.

We also massively recommend Philip Robinson’s intimate living room theatre one-man shows to anyone and everyone.


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