Here are downloadable conference papers and published research papers from our project.

Where papers and book chapters are not open access, we have included here only the pre-publication prints in order to be compliant with copyright restrictions, and are marked as such.

Research papers

Bar-Haim, S., Baraitser, L. and Moore, M.D. The shadows of waiting and care: on discourses of waiting in the history of the British National Health Service. [version 1; peer review: awaiting peer review]. Wellcome Open Res 2023, 8:73

Baraitser, L. (2022) ‘Time’ for ‘the People’: Reflections on ‘Psychoanalysis for the People: Free Clinics and the Social Mission of Psychoanalysis’ Psychoanalysis and History, 24:3, 375-392   

Salisbury, L. (2022) ‘On Not Being Able to Read: Doomscrolling and Anxiety in Pandemic Times’, Textual Practice

Anucha, K., (2020 ) ‘Black Critical and Cultural Theory’. The Year’s Work in Critical and Cultural Theory, 28: 1, p. 1–20,

Baraitser, L., (2020) The Maternal Death Drive: Greta Thunberg and the question of the future. Psychoanalysis, Culture, Society.

Baraitser, L., and Salisbury, L. (2020) ‘Containment, delay, mitigation’: waiting and care in the time of a pandemic. Wellcome Open Res 2020, 5:129

Baraitser, L. and Salisbury, L.(2020) Waiting and Care in Pandemic Times Collection Wellcome Open Res, 5:128

Davies, S. The politics of staying behind the frontline of coronavirus. Wellcome Open Res 2020, 5:131

Catty, J. (2020) Lockdown and adolescent mental health: reflections from a child and adolescent psychotherapist. Wellcome Open Res, 5: 132. 

Catty, J.  (2021) Out of time: adolescents and those who wait for them, Journal of Child Psychotherapy,47:2, 188-204, DOI: 10.1080/0075417X.2021.1954977

Catty, J and Salisbury, L. (in preparation) Reading through the lens of time. Submission to Medical Humanities [TBC].

Flexer, M. (2020) Having a moment: the revolutionary semiotic of COVID-19 Wellcome Open Research 5:134 (

Flexer, M. (2020) The ‘telegraphic schizophrenic manner’: psychosis and a (non)sense of time Time & Society, 29:2 (2020), 444-468

Flexer, M.J., and Baraitser, L., (2020) As You Like It: The movement is the moment. Renewal: A Journal of Social Democracy (forthcoming).

Moore, M. (2020) Historicising “containment and delay”: COVID-19, the NHS and high-risk patients’, Wellcome Open Research, 5:130 (2020), 1-7

Moore, M. (2021) Waiting for the Doctor: Managing Time and Emotion in the British National Health Service, 1948–80, Twentieth Century British History, hwab040,

Moore, M., Hinchliffe, S. and Manderson, S. (2021) Planetary Healthy Publics after COVID-19, Lancet Planetary Health.   

O’Brien, M. You are my death: the shattered temporalities of zombie time. Wellcome Open Res 2020, 5:135

Gozlan, O., Osserman, J., Silber, L., Wallerstein, H., Watson, E. & Wiggins, T. (2022)Transgender Children: From Controversy to Dialogue, The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child, 75:1, 198-214, DOI: 10.1080/00797308.2021.1975462

Osserman, J. and Aimée Lê, Waiting for other people: a psychoanalytic interpretation of the time for action Wellcome Open Res 2020, 5: 133.

Osserman, J. and Aimée Lê (in preparation) Is the university merely the blue tick of the ancien régime? : On public institutions without an existing public Solicited submission to Radical Philosophy [November 2020]

Osserman, J (in preparation) ‘It’s G’Oclock!’ Chemsex Time and the Ethical Indifference of the Drive. Submission to special issue of Bodies and Society [TBC]

Salisbury, L. (2020) Between-time Stories: Waiting, War and the Temporalities of Care, Medical Humanities, 46.2 (2020): 96-106.

Soreanu, R., (2020) The Time of Re-living. For an Eventful Psychoanalysis. Vestigia. 2 (1), 132-153.

Soreanu, R., (2020). Orphic socialities, Orphic times: Psychoanalysis for social theory. Psychoanalysis, Culture & Society. 25 (2), 194-212

Book chapters

Laura Salisbury (2023) ‘Slow Violence and Slow Going: Encountering Beckett in the Time of Climate Catastrophe, in Tsushima M, Tajiri Y, Tanaka MH (Eds.) Samuel Beckett and Catastrophe, Cham: Palgrave Macmillan, 155-174.

Baraitser, L. and Brook, W. (2020) Watchful waiting: Crisis, Vulnerability, Care. In: Vulnerability and the Politics of Care. Eds., Victoria Browne, Jason Danely, Tina Managhan and Doerthe Rosenow. Proceedings of the British Academy, 235, 230–247. Oxford University Press.

Anucha, K., Baraitser, L., Davies, S., Flexer, M.J., Robinson, D. (2020) Investigating waiting: Interdisciplinary thoughts on researching elongated temporalities in healthcare settings. In Temporality in Qualitative Inquiry: Theories, methods, practices. Eds., Cliff, B., Gore, J., Gustafsson, S., Bekker, S., Battle, I, C. London and New York: Routledge.

Moore, M. (2021) “Bright-while-you-wait”? Waiting rooms and the National Health Service, c. 1948-58. In: Cultural Histories of the National Health Service in Britain. Eds., J. Crane and J. Hand. Manchester: Manchester University Press. [forthcoming]

Salisbury, L., and Baraitser, L. (2020) Depressing Time: Waiting, Melancholia, and the Psychoanalytic Practice of Care. In Footprints and Futures: The Time of Anthropology. Eds., Elisabeth Kirtsoglou and Bob Simpson. London and New York: Routledge (in press).

Salisbury, L. (2020) Grey Time: Anachromism and Waiting for Beckett. In Grey on Grey: On the Threshold of Philosophy and Art. Eds Kamini Velodi and Aron Vinegar. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press (in press)

Edited Collections and Special Issues


Michelle Bastian, Lisa Baraitser, Michael J Flexer, Andrew R Hom, Laura Salisbury, Special Issue, The Social Life of Time, Time & Society, 29.2, May 2020.

Waiting and Care in Pandemic Times Collection. Wellcome Open Research (2020) Articles from collection Waiting and Care in Pandemic Times.


Baraitser, L., Corr, R., Oppenheim, L., Robinson, D., Sutaria, S., Salisbury, L. (2022). Time Being: A Film by Ruairí Corr and Deborah Robinson. Exhibition Catalogue.

Related publications (published in the research project timescale 2017-2022)

Bastian, M., Flatø, E.H., Baraitser, L., Jordheim, H., Salisbury, L. & van Dooren, T. (2022) ‘What about the coffee break?’ Designing virtual conference spaces for conviviality. Geo: Geography and Environment, 9, e00114. Available from:

Baraitser, L, Salisbury, L. (2022). Chiasmic Time: Being-in-time in Time Being. Time Being: A Film by Ruairí Corr and Deborah Robinson (Exhibition Catalogue), pp. 15-24

Baraitser, L. (2022) ‘Ceasing, suspending and stopping: Taking care with time’, Time & Society. doi: 10.1177/0961463X211073565.

Baraitser, L., (2021) Who Do We Care For? In Echo (DNA Vol 4)., by HKV, eds., Nick Houde, Katrin Klingan, and Johanna Schindler. Spector Books: Berlin.

Kemmer, L., Kühn, A., Weber, V. (2021) Pandemic times. A conversation with Lisa Baraitser about the temporal politics of COVID-19. ephemera, 21(1) 

Baraitser, L., and Riley, D., (2020) In Conversation. Feminist Review. 21(3): 339-349

Baraitser, L., (2019) Introduction. Clinical Encounters in Sexuality: Psychoanalytic Practice & Queer Theory, Eds., Noreen Giffney and Eve Watson. Special Issue. Studies in Gender and Sexuality, 20(4): 209-213.

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Baraitser, L., (2017) Enduring Time. Bloomsbury: London.

Baraitser, L., (2017) Postmaternal, Postwork and the Maternal Death Drive. Special Issue: The Postmaternal. Australian Feminist Studies, 31 (90): 1-17.

Baraitser, L., Catty, J., Salisbury, L., Anucha, K., Davies, S., Flexer, M. J. et al. (2021) Waiting in healthcare: the time to act might be later. doi:10.1136/bmj.n429 

Kemmer, L., Kühn, A., Weber, V. (2021) Pandemic times. A conversation with Lisa Baraitser about the temporal politics of COVID-19. ephemera: theory & politics in organisation, 21:1

Catty, J., (2019) Compassion, sadism, words and song: development and breakdown in the intensive psychotherapy of an adopted boy. Journal of Child Psychotherapy, 45 (2): 120-134. DOI: 10.1080/0075417X.2019.1666897.

Flexer, M. (2020) If p0, then 1. The impossibility of thinking out cases History of the Human Sciences (

Flexer, M. and Brian Hurwitz (2021) ‘He denied frequent, bothersome, or noticeable gas’: Patient voice in post-1945 Medical Case Reports [Forthcoming]

Flexer, M. and Brian Hurwitz (2021) Two Troubles: the dramatic tragedy of Western medicine. In: The Forgotten Other: Disability Studies and the Classical Body. London and New York. Routledge (in press)

Hinchliffe, S., Mark Jackson, Katrina Wyatt, Manuela Barreto, Robin Durie, Nick Groom, Lora Fleming, Karyn Morrissey, Laura Salisbury, Felicity Thomas, (2018) Healthy Publics: Enabling Cultures and Environments for Health, Palgrave Communications 4.57

Osserman, J., (in press) Circumcision on the Couch: The Cultural, Psychological and Gendered Dimensions of the World’s Oldest Surgery. Bloomsbury: London

Osserman, J., (2019) ‘Gay Culture Rampant in Hyderabad’: Analysing the Political and Libidinal Economy of Homophobia. In New Voices in Psychosocial Studies, ed. Stephen Frosh. London: Palgrave. 179-193.

Osserman, J., (2017) ‘Is the Phallus Uncut? On the Role of Anatomy in Lacanian Subjectivization’. Transgender Studies Quarterly 4:2, 497-517.

Osserman, J., (2017) ‘“Real Circumcision is a Matter of the Heart”: On Badiou’s Paul and Boyarin’s Jewish Question’. Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory 16:1, 382-402.

Salisbury, L. (2019)  Of Babies and Bombs: Reuben Mednikoff’s “The Anatomy of Space”. In A Tale of Mother’s Bones: Grace Pailthorpe, Reuben Mednikoff and the Birth of Psychorealism. Ed. Hope Wolf. De La Warr Pavillion and Camden Arts Centre. 123-127.

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Soreanu, R., (2019). Michael Balint’s Word Trail: The ‘Ocnophil’, the ‘Philobat’ and Creative Dyads. Psychoanalysis and History. 21 (1), 53-72



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