Laura Salisbury Invited Papers and Keynotes

Invited International and Keynote

July 2021        Keynote: ‘On Not Being Able to Read: Doomscrolling and Anxiety in Pandemic Times’, International Conference: Fiction in the Age of Globalization (Universität Tübingen, Germany, online)

July 2019        ‘Until Further Notice’: Narrating Temporality at the End of Life’. Invited Panel Presentation, MLA, Lisbon

May 2019        Keynote: ‘Depressing Time’, Postgraduate Medical Humanities Conference, University of Exeter.

March 2019     Keynote: ‘Modernist Encryptions: Language, Affect and the Cybernetic Subject’. Out of the Air: Women, Creativity, and Intelligence Work, Bletchley Park (via University of Oxford).

Sept 2018        Keynote: ‘Beckett’s Technologies of Waiting’, Beckett and Technology, Charles University, Prague.

July 2018         ‘Careful Reading’. Invited Panel Presentation. Institute of Cultural Inquiry, Berlin.

April 2018        ‘Gray Time’, Gray on Gray: From Grisaille to Gray Media, University of Oslo.

March 2018     Keynote: ‘Healthy Publics: Enabling Cultures and Environments of Health’, South West Regional Medical Humanities Network, University of Bristol.

March 2018     Keynote: ‘War Bodies and Waiting Machines’, The Human Body and World War II, University of Oxford.

January 2018    ‘Beckett Studies: Waiting for Psychoanalysis’, invited contribution to Samuel Beckett Society Panel, MLA, New York.


Invited UK

October 2022 paper at The Epistolary Research Network’s conference, ‘The Other Reader(s)’, 1 October 2022

June 2020        ‘Dialogues on the time of Covid-19’. Josh Cohen, psychoanalyst, Professor of Modern Literary Theory in conversation with Laura Salisbury. Chaired by Trudy McGuinness, psychoanalyst.

February 2020       ‘Grey Time: Anchromism and Waiting for Beckett’, Research Seminar, University of Cardiff.

November 2019    ‘Waiting Times: Bion and Klein’, Scientific Meeting, Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Clinic

December 2018       ‘Depressing Time: Waiting and Psychoanalytic Practices of Care’, Centre for Health Humanities Seminar, Kings College, University of London

May 2018                 ‘Waiting Machines’, 20th Century Research Seminar, University of East Anglia

March 2018             ‘Waking Waiting’, Research Seminar, University of Durham.

February 2018      ‘Waking Waiting’, Research Seminar, University of Warwick.

November 2017    ‘Waiting Times: The Impossibility of Being (a) Patient’, Medicine, Culture and Society Research Seminar, University of Lancaster.

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