The Time of Care, A Waiting Times Conference – Tuesday 28th – Wednesday 29th March

The Waiting Times team are marking the end of their time together with an end of grant conference, The Time of Care, taking place on Tuesday 28th March – Wednesday 29th March 2023, online and at the Friends House in London.

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Waiting is one of healthcare’s core experiences. There from the time it takes to access services; through the days, weeks, months or years needed for diagnoses; in the time that treatment takes; and in the elongated time-frames of recovery, relapse, remission and dying. However, though often discussed and considered in terms of waiting lists and times, and especially in relation to health and social care crises, waiting is also vital to practices of care.

Waiting Times has explored what it means to wait in and for healthcare by examining lived experiences, representations, and histories of impeded and delayed time. The project has mobilised a range of artistic and engaged research methodologies, as well as ethnographic, philosophical and historical investigations to consider different forms of suspended, elongated, and “non-productive” temporalities in different sites and practices: in forms of watchful waiting and recurrent waiting with that take place in general practice, mental health services, and trans care; within modes of chronic care and forms of time that are held and unfolded within psychotherapy; and as part of cultural framings, experiences, and care provided at the end of life.

The conference offers a final chance to bring our researchers, research partners, and invited contributors to engage with this work and reflect collectively on its meanings and implications. (See below for our programme!)

We hope you can join us and we very much look forward to seeing you in March!

Professor Lisa Baraitser and Professor Laura Salisbury (PIs), Kelechi Anucha, Jocelyn Catty, Stephanie Davies, Michael Flexer, Martin Moore, Martin O’Brien, Jordan Osserman, Deborah Robinson and Lizaveta van Munsteren


Programme (all times GMT)

Monday 27th

6pm – Performance of Coughing Coffins by Martin O’Brien. Horse Hospital, Colonnade, WC1N 1JD. Separate registration here.

Tuesday 28th

9am – Welcome (to waiting)

9.30am – Introduction (Lisa Baraitser and Laura Salisbury)

10.30am – Speaking of Waiting

Two panels exploring our engaged research methodologies, led by Michael Flexer and research partners in the Waiting Times project.


2pm – Watchful Waiting in NHS General Practice

Papers by Stephanie Davies, Michael Flexer and Martin Moore (Waiting Times team) on themes of frequent attendance and practices of watchful waiting in general practice, followed by responses by invited speakers. Confirmed speakers include Professor Felicity Callard (University of Glasgow), Professor Todd Meyers (McGill University), Professor Femi Oyebode (University of Birmingham & formerly Consultant Psychiatrist, National Centre for Mental Health), and Dr Jonathon Tomlinson (GP).

5pm-6pm – Drinks and Canapes

6pm-8pm – Arts Research Showcase (In-Person Only)

This panel will showcase and explore the arts methodologies and artistic outputs of the project. It will include a screening and discussion of Time Being, a film by Deborah Robinson and Ruairi Corrand a lecture by Martin O’Brien.

Wednesday 29th

9am – Welcome

9.15am – Introduction (Lisa Baraitser and Laura Salisbury)

9. 30am – Waiting in Late Times

Papers by Laura Salisbury, Kelechi Anucha, and Michael Flexer with Martin Moore (Waiting Times team) considering the “meanwhiles” of healthcare and the post-war, followed by responses by invited speakers. Confirmed speakers include Dr Lara Choksey (Univeristy College, London), Professor Ghassan Hage (University of Melbourne), Dr Christine Okoth (King’s College, London), and Professor Adam Piette (University of Sheffield).


1pm – The Psychic Life of Time

Papers by Lisa Baraitser , Jocelyn Catty (Waiting Times Team) and Professor Raluca Soreanu (University of Essex) on the temporalities of psychoanalytic care, with a response by Professor Katie Gentile (CUNY). Followed by papers from Jordan Osserman (Waiting Times team), Professor Jules Gill-Peterson (Johns Hopkins) and Avgi Saketopoulou (NYU) on the temporalities of trans health.

4pm – Plenary Roundtable

Reflections on the project and its work by members of the project and the project Steering Committee. Confirmed participants include: Professor Felicity Callard (University of Glasgow), Professor Katie Gentile (NYU), Professor Sally Sheard (University of Liverpool), Professor Mathew Thomson (University of Warwick).


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