Waiting and Care in Pandemic Times

In réponse to the COVID-19 pandemic, we produced a collection of papers, from across our different disciplinary and clinical backgrounds.

You can read the and download the papers from the Wellcome Open Research site here.


Lisa Baraitser and Laura Salisbury, Introduction

Lisa Baraitser and Laura Salisbury, ‘Containment, delay, mitigation’: waiting and care in the time of a pandemic

Martin Moore, Historicising ‘containment and delay’: COVID-19, the NHS and high-risk patients

Stephanie Davies, The politics of staying behind the frontline of coronavirus

Jocelyn Catty, Lockdown and adolescent mental health: reflections from a child and adolescent psychotherapist

Jordan Osserman and Aimée Lê, Waiting for other people: a psychoanalytic interpretation of the time for action

Michael J Flexer, Having a moment: the revolutionary semiotic of COVID-19

Martin O’Brien, You are my death: the shattered temporalities of zombie time

Or download the collected papers as one pdf: Waiting & Care in Pandemic Times.